From plastic waste to a work of art

Local artist turns plastic bottles into theatrical head piece.

Artist, actress and costume designer Isabel Warrington was having a rare day off when inspiration struck.

Having always been environmentally-conscious, Warrington decided to turn some plastic bottles she had in her apartment into a work of art.

“Plastic has long been a pet hate of mine,” she told, “Every time I throw something into the recycling bin, I know it will end up in a landfill. This is something I find really depressing because I don’t feel enough is being done to curb the production of single-use plastic. When you think about it, every single item that we buy at the supermarket is packaged in plastic, and tons of it will end up in the environment in a very short time. It will take several hundred years for it to disappear. The problem is that it keeps on being produced.”

Warrington said that she created this head piece purely as an experiment. However she would like to introduce more and more recycling into her costume design.

“It gives an item that has already been produced a second use, it raises awareness about the environment and it avoids adding to the already ridiculous amount of over-consumption, and it helps me come up with unusual solutions in the creative process,” she explained.

Before she uses the ‘raw materials’, Warrington makes sure everything is washed or sanitised so that whoever gets to wear the piece is safe. For this head piece she used about three one-litre water bottles, one tea light to soften the edges of the leaves, some wire to build the base of the head piece, some green spray, twine to attach the leaves to the wire frame, fabric off-cut to line the wire, a glue gun and some beads from a torn necklace. 

“I will always encourage the motto: reduce, reuse, recycle. There is far too much over-consumption and it is having a very detrimental effect on our environment and, ultimately, our health. So the next time you are at a loss for how to entertain your children, look up some fun ideas on YouTube on how to transform your recycling bin into a bag of wonderment,” she advises.

You can learn more about Isabel Warrington here.