From aperitivo to digestivo – Campari Group untaps the mystery of Italian drinking rituals

Italy is famous not only for its delicious cuisine, iconic dishes and excellent wines but also for its aperitivo culture and its amazing choice of digestivi (digestive drinks). To help demystify Italian drinking rituals, Campari Group Brand Ambassador Davide Fornasiero was invited to entertain local professional bartenders and influencers, sharing his knowledge and experience of the daily rituals typical of Italian culture.

Set at Panorama Lounge Restaurant in Valletta, the sessions covered the history and innovative ideas of Davide Campari, how the bitters trend is still ongoing and helping revive the popularity of classic cocktails such as the Negroni – celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. Fornasiero also demonstrated how to serve the perfect Aperol Spritz and explained the intricacies that go into creating the unique flavour of Bulldog Gin, another Campari Group brand. Each distinct aperitivo and digestivo was paired with delectable dishes that complemented and raised the taste profile.

At the end of the dinner, guests were invited to experience the Averna Womb Ritual, designed to enhance the tasting of this classic after-dinner drink. This ritual involves pouring Averna into the Womb glass along with ice cubes, fresh mint and lemon peel, tilting the glass and gently rotating it on the table to infuse the ingredients, bringing the unique aromas of Averna to life.

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