Fresh call for State Advocate role expected after nobody applied

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Nobody has applied for the role of state advocate following a public call that closed last Wednesday, sources have told

Questions sent to the Justice Ministry remained unanswered on the issue.

The person who will be appointed as state advocate will be the second to serve in the newly created constitutional post. Dr Victoria Buttigieg, who was recently appointed Attorney General, served only in the role for a few months.

The role was created to separate the dual role of the Attorney General’s Office following the recommendations of a group of experts from the Council of Europe. The law separated the role of the public prosecutor and government’s legal counsel into two offices that of the attorney general and the state advocate.

The bill setting up the Office of the State Advocate was approved last year before summer recess.

The call was issued in mid-September
Call for nominations for State Advocate published

The Times of Malta reported that a fresh call of applications will be issued after nobody applied. The newspaper quoted sources saying that some potential candidates feared both political interference from the government as well as undue pressure from the opposition.

Lack of trust in government – PN

The Opposition said that “no lawyer wanted to be associated with the government through such a role because none had confidence in the government as a client would not interfere”.

Shadow Justice Minister Jason Azzopardi said that the fact no one applied for the post of state advocate shows that no one wants to be associated with the government and reflected the distrust in the government.

The Opposition remarked that the situation proved how right the PN was when it had said that government’s abuse of the institutions would cause irreparable harm.