Free printable drawings for kids from leading local artists has teamed up with local artists to bring you free downloadable colouring prints to keep kids busy at home.

Drawing, colouring

Francis Earth | Drawing by Steve Bonello

By Steve Bonello

Steve is a self-taught artist with a bent for quirky, humorous and sometimes dark themes. He has held two solo exhibitions of his work locally in 1988 and 1991 and contributed work in various other exhibitions in Malta and elsewhere. Website: 

Hairstyles | Drawing by Isabel Warrington

By Isabel Warrington

Artist and actress Isabel Warrington has embarked on an interactive artistic project for children of all ages! On the principle of those cute cut out dress u dolls of years gone by, Isabel has created a set of heads for mix and match fun. Isabel Warrington’s art can be seen on 

Minion | Joanne Mizzi Drawing

By Joanne Mizzi

Two words that best describe me are passionate and creative. Everything I do has to be done with passion, fun, unique touch and above all with my whole soul. Mizzi is currently embarking on a Children’s mosaic with these paintings. The project is called: Stay Safe – Lets colour the world. Any paintings sent to Newsbook will be forwarded to Ms Mizzi. Visit: 

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