Free online GP service to be launched

The Covid-19 pandemic is putting all health systems under extreme pressure financially as well as exerting unrelenting demands on the limited human resources available.

A new project called is to be launched on Wednesday 29th May and will offer the general public a temporary free online platform by which any person at any given time can gain access to correct and updated medical information and receive direct and free medical advice on his or her own mobile phone or desktop.

Together with other specialists, Dr Christopher Deguara, who is a specialist in family medicine, teamed up with Cyberspace founder and CEO Tony Cassar with the aim of helping the local health authorities cope with the expected increase in the number of new cases by providing a free service to the general public.

“This will help guarantee that people stay indoors as much as possible thereby reducing the load on health services which at present are struggling to keep up with the increased demand. This initiative also minimises the risk of contagion and, being free, lessens the financial burden of our families during the present crises,” Dr Deguara said.

The system will work as follows:

  • Patients can access via their mobile or desktop.
  • They can then open an account with their details and receive a verification email.
  • The patient then sends the request to either obtain information or request a doctor’s consultation.
  • A system manager manned by Voluntiera Malta will assign requests to the available specialists in family medicine on roster for the fastest response possible.
  • The specialist then calls or replies via WhatsApp and dispense a prescription via electronic system.

This platform is under the patronage of President George Vella who is also by profession a specialist in family medicine.

Requests to can be logged at any given time 24/7. Their specialists will work from home and reply to any requests between 8.30 am and 8.30 pm.

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