Free consultation sessions for HR professionals by Misco

Misco is offering one-to-one sessions for employers and HR professionals seeking advice with regard to the current scenario.

The special service provides one hour of complementary consultation related to business operations, management, administration and other related areas with no obligation. Professionals may book their sessions to discuss specific cases or request objective assessment of the strategies they are putting in place during the coronavirus emergency.

“Businesses are not alone in this situation, we have the experience and the visibility to offer up-to-date and unbiased guidance to employers and professionals struggling with new business and HR urgencies,” explained Misco Director Joanne Bondin.

As one of the longest established local consultancy firms, Misco is in a unique position to help employers navigate this difficult period. Misco advisors are offering their insight, knowledge and expertise free of charge as part of the company’s commitment to the success of Malta’s business community.

Sessions are held via video conferencing and are available for booking here.

This content was supplied by Misco

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