Frankfurt airport to face strike action on Tuesday

Germany’s largest air transport hub, Frankfurt Airport, will face disruption following the decision by its security staff to go on strike.

Verdi, Germany’s most significant trade union called on security staff among its membership to carry out an 18-hour walkout on between 2AM and 8PM on Tuesday.

The decision to strike follows similar actions carried out at other airports in Berlin, Cologne-Bonn, Düsseldorf, and Stuttgart airports.

Strikes at these airports lead to over 1,000 flights disrupted and 110,000 travellers journeys disrupted.

After becoming the next airport to face the action, Frankfurt has warned passengers to effectively steer clear.

Speaking to Deutsche Welle, a spokesperson for the airport said that it had the potential to create, ‘a massive impact on tens of thousands of travelers.’.

Lufhansa has offered passengers the opportunity to rearrange their flights through a different airport, between the 11th and 20th January. The cancelled flights will be published by the airline on Sunday afternoon.

Its understood that the strike at Frankfurt and others, derives from a dispute over increasing the minimum wage for security workers.

Security staff represented by the firm BDLS association have been disputing the demand from the Verdi Union to increase the salary from €11.30 and €17.16 to a standardised €20 per hour.

In regard to the previous strikes, Verdi said on Friday that BDLS had failed in providing a ‘negotiable offer’ and hinted that further delays to find a solution could lead to more strikes in other airports.

Deutsche Welle quotes the trade union as saying, ‘We would absolutely not exclude that more airports will be affected by the strike’.

It is understood that wage talks are expected to continue until 23rd January.