Franco Debono is no laughing matter

Franco Debono may be many things, to those who like him and those who do not. For the Civil Protection Department, certainly he is not laughing matter.

The bruhahha started when the Facebook page ‘Bis-Serjetà Serjetà Biss’ a palpably satirical page posted a look-alike weather alert for Franco Debono. The tongue-in-cheek article reported that an “amber” alert for lawyer Franco Debono was issued by CPD, in reference to the posts and controversies recently raised by Debono.

STATEMENT:Bis-Serjetà wishes to publicly disassociate itself from the CPD's disassociation from our article. We have…

Posted by Bis-Serjetà – Serjetà Biss on Sunday, February 3, 2019

In a huff of indigantion, the Civil Protection Department (CPD) took the satirical article posted by local Bis-Serjetà – Serjetà Biss to heart and reported it to the Cyber Crimes Unit within the Police Force. In a Facebook status the CPD announced that it disassociated itself from the article uploaded by Bis-Serjetà – Serjetà Biss as well as the comments that were attributed to its Director.[0]=68.ARDWSVTvhkB3ddQpE1HMAXTHTeb6IFDPIqUgkhnzGj3jvtJB60fNzWOKE6hP2pfVSc6SONHTwWkL_Atu7ZYaj1Eg_RKKABm4GaQZlnG4zjAanP92yBuMR744RHqS4CI4X3iJESWXoJX0TJhTxC1FubnJvjecJjker7WeNzYSf26Tex0NtaT8bjergjQmxZrwIosFeEw4wWvPWwoCnHF4YnCfoyCQht_ZRLY6W-u1bOxxZLOiY_iuaOxC-kAD3JkLrHaoBRYE7ktVF0qCa9LKIaRhOz0bXobW8fzc9xUAUq6vHXUX1oih_93ggNHzYem76V3U3If0ZauE9zWMUxxWvw&__tn__=-R

The post by CPD has been subsequently removed.

A little humour, ladies and gents…after all, satire is the mark of an intelligent society