Francis Ebejer Project to celebrate life of literary giant

The Francis Ebejer Project has been formally launched by artistic directors Dr Toni Sant (Spazju Kreattiv), Kenneth Zammit Tabona (Teatru Manoel) and Sean Buhagiar (Teatru Malta) with an unveiling of a cast of Ebejer from the original bust by artist Anton Agius at Spazju Kreattiv.

The bronze bust was commissioned by Spazju Kreattiv in collaboration with the late writer’s son, artist Damian Ebejer, as part of a series of long-term initiatives that are to stem from the project.

These initiatives are aimed at celebrating the memory, life and legacy of the Maltese writer, while inspiring new theatrical work which, like Ebejer’s work at the time, challenges the boundaries of theatre today.

Speaking to, Spazju Kreattiv Artistic Director Toni Sant said that placing this work of art by sculptor Anton Aguis commemorating Malta’s most outstanding 20th-century playwright permanently within Spazju Kreattiv is meant to do two things:

“Firstly it shows how much we value the legacy of exceptional Maltese creative minds from by-gone times; we celebrate our cultural heritage as a fundamental role at the national centre for creativity. It also helps to highlight the ongoing collaboration we have with other public cultural organisations – Teatru Malta and Teatru Manoel – in developing the contemporary theatre scene without ignoring the important contributions of preceding generations.”

During the launch, Sean Buhagiar said that Teatru Malta aims to see the publication of a collection of Ebejer’s works as part of the ‘Siparju’ programme – an initiative towards a critical analysis of Malta’s theatre history.

This weekend, Teatru Malta in co-production with Teatru Manoel, and in collaboration with dance company ZfinMalta, will see the contemporary adaptation of Ebejer’s modern classic ‘Boulevard’ at the Manoel Theatre.

For more information on The Francis Ebejer Project, you may visit any one of these websites: Teatru Malta, Spazju Kreattiv or Teatru Manoel.