Francesca keeps shining bright

Ritratt: Facebook

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Francesca Rausi won the Super Junior Model Award in a contest organised by Ivan Gaffiero on Saturday.

In a Facebook post on the page which is charting the journey of this brave trail-blazer, the 3-year-old said: “let me shine”.

Her Facebook page is entitled “Francesca’s Journey on Route T21” and she already has a number of followers who are supporting this little charmer with Down’s Syndrome who steals the heart of all those who meet her.

Francesca has already won a number of honours in a competition back in July. She was given the opportunity to model by Ivan Gaffiero and Sue Rossi.

Watch: Francesca wins three prizes in a modelling competition

She was also one of three persons with Down’s Syndrome that were able to participate in Saturday’s pageant. The competition organiser Ivan Gaffiero said that he does not agree with those that tell him to do a separate competition for persons with Down’s Syndrome as he believes in the principle of inclusivity.

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