Francesca captures the heart of Britain

There is no stopping Francesca Rausi, the little girl with an infectious smile and mesmerising eyes. An ambassador for Down’s Syndrome, Francesca has managed to win a variety of modelling competitions in Malta, underscoring the fact that if life gives you lemons, you can make lemonade.

Francesca strikes again, this time making a name even overseas.

Metro’s third most popular news item

Last November, the English daily MetroUK had published her story. Today, MetroUK announced, on their official Facebook page, that their third most popular news item was Francesca’s story of success.

The story was about how Fransesca managed to earn success in modelling competitions, for instance when she took part in an open competition for people aged between 3 and 24 years whereby Madeline Stuart, the first model with Down’s Syndrome, was also taking part. referred to the charming smile of Francesca which truly captivated the audience’s hearts during the contest.

Our interview with Francesca’s mother

Back in November of this year, had the honour to interview Michelle, the mother of this young artist. She stated that as from a very young age, Francesca always loved the camera. To this effect, the mother always paved her way in this direction so that she eventually managed to participate in ‘Unici in Passarella’ as well as a local competition of Gaffiero Productions.

Michelle maintained that when she looks at her daughter, she sees beyond her disability. This is why she encourages other parents like her not to get disheartened. She maintains that just as her daughter is being successful, other Down’s children, can thrive too. Francesca’s mother is a strong advocate for other parents to fight the social stereotypes and to always respect the pace of their children’s progress.

Francesca’s success – more than winning contests

During her interview with, Michelle highlighted that she did not measure Francesca’s success by the number of contests that she had won but by Francesca’s will to participate and enjoy the experience.

Finally, Michelle’s call to parents of children with a disability was to allow enough space for their children to explore their interests, desires and personality. Providing children with this opportunity will very likely be an eye-opener to parents that their children are much more capable than they would have thought in the first place.