Fr Dionysius Mintoff receives active ageing award

DOI / Jeremy Wonnacott

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Peace Lab director Fr Dionysius Mintoff was awarded an active ageing award.

A total of 94 individuals were nominated in this year’s edition.

In a joint statement between the Office of the President and the Parliamentary Secretariat for active ageing, said that the record number of nominations received shows that many elderly remain active within our society.

During the past week a number of initiatives were launched linked to the active ageing and intergenerational solidarity. The week dedicated to the elderly came to an end with an active ageing award ceremony on Friday.

The winners were chosen by a board led by Professor Carmel Borg. Alex Gobey, Carmel Sammut, Karen Muscat and Ronald Zaffarese were members of the adjudication board.

During the ceremony President George Vella welcomed the various initiatives which have been taken to address the problem of loneliness among the elderly.

The other winners are Nikol and Mary Baldacchino (the Award for the Married Couple), Paul P. Borg and Professor Stanley Fiorini (the Award for Academic Ageing), John Magri (the Award for Ageing in Sport), Maestro Paul Abela (the Award for Ideal Model), Freddie Portelli (the Award for Cultural Ageing) and Special Olympics Malta (the Award for Project for Active Ageing).

Anglu Fenech and Maria Camilleri received the Life Time Achievement Award.