Four to be buried by government after no one claimed their bodies

Arkivji: DOI

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The Ministry for Health has notified that the Department of Health will be organizing the burial of four individuals, after the permitted time for a claim to organise a private burial has expired.

The four individuals, three Maltese and a foreigner national are Nazareno Bartolo (whose ID card shows that he was born in Gozo), Peter Cilia and Peter Charles Cotton who both held Maltese ID cards and Bhagwani Kirpalani.

According to the notice published in the Government Gazette on Friday the Department of Health will be organising the burial after ten days from the publication of this notice. reached out to Mater Dei’s CEO Ivan Falzon who explained that usually a timeline of four to six months is allowed prior to government organised burial, which includes various stages. He explained that first they would try to establish individual contact. He added that in the case of foreigners, the local authorities would try to establish contact via diplomatic corps. Falzon explained that prior to publishing a notice in the government gazette, legal letters are also sent to the next of kin.

Falzon added that in the majority of cases the process is concluded within set timelines however they do allow for exceptions in specific humanitarian circumstances.