Foundation offers Third Country Nationals opportunity to learn Maltese culture in English


A varied group of people from different countries started a course on Maltese Culture in English on Saturday. The group is made up of Brazilians, Colombians, Egyptians, Libyans, Somalis, Sudanese, Venezuleans and Serbians and the programme is offered by the Cross Cultural International Foundation (CCIF). Classes are held at MCAST Campus in Paola.

The Foundation’s mission is to enhance international understanding and friendship through education, networking, volunteering, youth excahnge programs and cultural and humanitarian activities.

In a statement, the Foundation explained that the free cultural orientation class and the English classes were part of a project dubbed “Improving the cultural competences of Third Country Nationals” or ITCCTCN. It further stated, that the initiatives such as these were also there to support action taken by Maltese authorities in their effort to implement the integration process of third country nationals in Malta.

The Foundation said it took into account the people’s schedule, as similar efforts undertaken by the Government, inevitably left some people out. The project was 25% co-financed by the Ministry of Education.

Project Coordinator Hedwig Bvumburah said that cultures varied from country to country, depending on one’s origins, however she noted that one needs to acclimatize and get used to the way things are done in the host country and stay within the law. She further explained that the training includes a chapter on “Adapting foreign traditions to conform to and respect local Maltese culture”. The curriculum of the training also comprised elementary and intermediate English with vocabulary related to the cultural orientation.

The Foundation explained that the ITCCTCN is part-financed by the European Union, 75% EU Funds and 25% Beneficiary Funds Sustainable Management of Migration Flows.