Foundation honours mum who suffered domestic abuse

Cliff Zammit Stevens’ childhood was not an easy one. His mother Marcelline suffered emotional and physical abuse from his alcoholic father and he often witnessed this abuse first-hand. His father walked out on his family when Mr Zammit Stevens was still a young boy; however this was not the end of the terror as his mother eventually embarked on another abusive relationship.

It took years for Marcelline to liberate herself from her tormentor and sadly, after only a couple of years of ‘freedom’, she passed away suddenly last November. After her death, Mr Zammit Stevens, who has been based in the UK for quite some time, thought of the the best way to honour her memory. “I couldn’t think of a anything better than to found a foundation called the Marcy Foundation which will be tackling five main issues; ‘the Five Pillars’, which are domestic violence, drug abuse, mental health, child abuse and HIV,” he told

How will the Marcy Foundation help people in need?

The Marcy Foundation aims to help individuals to talk about what they are going through, so that they need not suffer emotional turmoil alone or isolate themselves because of these issues.

“I feel very passionate about them because I know what stigma they carry and how much taboo there is about them,” he said.

The foundation will include an online platform through which individuals experiencing any of the Five Pillars may access information that will encourage and guide them as they seek help.

Special song for his mother 

Mr Zammit Stevens recently launched a new single – a cover version of Maltese classic ‘Xemx’ with singer Ira Losco, which, according to Mr Zammit Stevens, was one of his mothers favourite songs.

This year also marks another important occasion for Mr Zammit Stevens, as it is the 10th anniversary of his yearly concert in Malta, which he plans to celebrate with a concert on the 3rd October.

All proceeds from ‘Xemx’ and the concert will go towards The Marcy Foundation. Tickets for the concert may be purchased here.

The Marcy Foundation may be contacted by visiting their website or Facebook page.

Photo credits in the video: Kris Micallef & Justin Mamo