Fort Manoel lights up in gratitude and support with healthcare professionals

There’s been no shortage of displays showing gratitude for the selfless actions of health-care workers putting themselves in potential harm’s way during the COVID-19 crisis. Clapping in the evening, in fact, has become standard practice.

“As we wait to see whether our efforts at social distancing will continue to flatten the curve, and despite the fear that still dominates, there continues to be a huge wave of support for the heroes in this global war, healthcare workers everywhere,” a statement from Midi plc reads.

Midi has conceived another way, both on social media and outdoors, of giving thanks to healthcare workers. Eye catching messages paying tribute to the doctors, nurses and healthcare workers who are at frontline in this war against Covid-19, have been posted on Facebook, while big, bright, bold rainbows, which have been a global message of hope from the outbreak of the virus, and positive words of thanks have been plastered onto the walls just past the bridge of Manoel island.

The façade of the company’s head office together with the parade grounds of Fort Manoel have also been lit up with the colours of the hope rainbow as a show of support and hope. These messages of hope during these challenging times serve to act as a good reminder that we are in this together and we will get through it together.

“We wanted to add our heartfelt thanks to the people in healthcare, the true heroes, for putting their lives at risk to help protect and save the rest of us, “ a company spokesman said, “We hope that these messages will also lift people’s spirits and remind them that we are all in this together. It is vital at this time, for each one of us to heed the directives given by the authorities”.

For more information, the general public can call the COVID-19 helpline on 2132 4086 or visit the website

This content was supplied by Midi plc

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