Former spokesperson for Transport Ministry named CEO of Projects Malta


Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Marisa Marmarà, former spokesperson for the Transport Ministry, has been named as the new CEO of Projects Malta. This appointment comes along with David Matrenza’s appointment as Chairman for Projects Malta and Projects Plus.

Ing. James Camenzuli will retain his post as CEO for Projects Plus.

Ms Marisa Marmarà was previously employed in senior management positions in the private sector. Since 2017, she has occupied the role of government spokesperson and communications coordinator within the Ministry for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects.

Mr David Matrenza held several senior management positions in Malta before taking on a wider overseas role with an IT company in Munich to run emerging markets. Mr Matrenza has extensive international experience and just recently returned back to Malta after 20 years running sales operations in IT in several parts of the world. During his time in Malta, Mr Matrenza was chairman and one of the founders at San Andrea School, as well as chairman of the IT Section at the Chamber of Commerce.

Ing. James Camenzuli has in previous years occupied the role of chairman of the Malta Resources Authority, while occupying the post of Chief Executive Officer for Projects Malta and Projects Plus since 2017.