Former Police Minister and Chief should be investigated, Delia says

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Former Home Affairs Minister Michael Farrugia and Police Commissioner Lawrence Cutajar should be investigated, Partit Nazzjonalista leader Adrian Delia said during an interview on Saturday morning.

Delia was speaking about the police internal investigation over alleged abuse in overtime and other fraud. The probe was kicked off by a whistleblower who had written letters to the Police Commissioner and Home Affairs Minister. The whistleblower subsequently wrote to other MPs. The investigation saw 41 police officers who served in the Traffic Section, arrested with 31 being either suspended and at least seven officials have resigned. It was later widened to cover other police Sections.

Delia referred to when Energy Minister Michael Farrugia dismissed calls to shoulder political responsibility since he served as Police Minister prior to the appointment of Byron Camilleri as part of the new cabinet. The Opposition leader asked what kind of responsibility does a minister have if one does not resign when faced with such an internal crisis. He added that he believed that even Cutajar should be investigated.

Delia explained that low ranking officials felt they could do the same because omertà reigned within the police force. He noted that from what it had transpired so far, the racket was “efficiently” organised with police officers holding bank accounts for their ill-gotten gains. “When your superiors are harboring criminals, the easiest way out is not to take action against criminals,” Delia said.

Delia invites Abela

During the same interview, Delia invited Prime Minister Robert Abela to annul the contract by which Steward Health Care Malta were awarded the hospital concession. Delia explained that during the sitting scheduled for March more witnesses will be summoned to testify.

He claimed that Abela was afraid of taking a decision and that his hands are tied in this case. Delia said that the Opposition was ready to put political interests aside in this case and join forces with the government if it decides to do away with the contract. “Together we can stop this theft,” Delia said.

The Nationalist leader also spoke about the internal reform process saying that it was well underway. He said that he does not want to see a vertical structure but a horizontal structure which will involve more people within its structures. He reiterated that a revolution in thought was needed and that a wider group of people need to be involved in the process.

In a reaction, Partit Laburista criticized Delia saying that the Nationalist leader wants to “dictate government agenda”. The Labour party claimed that Delia did not cooperate when consulted about the appointment of a new regulator for the IIP scheme.