“Foreigner influx will increase the number of people living in garages” – Delia


Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The Head of the Nationalist Party Adrian Delia, said the foreigner influx proposed by the Labour Party will continue to increase the number of people staying in garages and the number of families which will start to live together.

He remarked that while the Opposition is not against foreigners working in Malta, the Government must publish its plans which should clearly show how 70,000 new foreigners will be accommodated whilst the economy continues to grow.

‘Shoulder the responsibility’ – Delia to the Prime Minister and Finance Minister

Delia invited Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and the Minister of Finance Edward Scicluna, to shoulder responsibility following the statement of the Maltese Authority for the Financial Services regarding Pilatus Bank.

He said the MFSA’s report proved what the PN was saying for the last year, that the Government’s lack of action in the face of Pilatus Bank, Malta lost its credibility and now the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance must bear the entire responsibility.

The Opposition committed to work with the Government on the “migration crisis”

Delia reiterated the Opposition’s commitment in joining the Government and work together to solve the migration crisis. He questioned the Prime Minister’s plan with Matteo Renzi and demanded to know whether that deal was binding or just based on the healthy relationship Renzi had with Muscat.

Adrian Delia accused Joseph Muscat of failing to convince the other Prime Ministers to share the burden of immigration throughout the European Union. He also said that the Government should be clear to the people, and fully-state the immigration policy.

According to Delia, there is no strategy in place which deals with foreign workers. “We currently lack 550 nurses and if no long-term plan is done, these posts could be filled with foreign nurses”.

Adrian Delia said that when a Government is based on the construction sector as a key factor for economic growth, the least it could do is plan, something the Labour Government is also failing to do.

“The Government knew for years that the two quarries in Zurrieq and Mqabba will be filled up, but it did not take any action at the expense of the construction sector.”