For.U.M urges govt to act decisively as “COVID-19 could get out of hand”

Miguela Xuereb

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The COVID-19 situation could quickly get out of hand, both in terms of hospital and ITU capacity, but also in terms of the ability of people to go on with their normal life and activity, said Forum Unions Maltin in a statement publshed on Tuesday to explain its concerns regarding the pandemic situation.

For.U.M. has joined other organisations as it strongly believes that steps taken immediately by the respective authorities could reduce the spread of the virus and slowly reduce the rate of infection to the point where life could truly get close to normality.

Forum Unions Maltin said that the measures should include the following;

  • Tightening of border controls – requiring all entrants to be tested before or at entry or be required to stay in quarantine
  • Strict enforcement of mask-wearing anywhere indoors and outdoors wherever people are congregated
  • Further tightening of measures – including the temporary closure of high-risk locations
  • Further reduction of the maximum number of people that can congregate in a group
  • A re-emphasis on remote working particularly in cases of high-risk employees and wherever possible
  • A strong educational campaign to make sure everyone is aware and understands the need for these measures
  • Issuing of consistent messages by respective authorities both in the directions provided and inactions are taken

“Failure to act decisively at this point will not only result in a further spread of the virus with associated pain and loss of life but will also stall business and daily life,” said the For.U.M. which believes that if these actions are taken without delay, it shall be possible to get the pandemic back in control as it was a few months ago and that this would enable most of us to get back to close to normal life and business possibly by the Christmas Holidays.