For.U.M. condemns MEA proposal on salary decrease for public sector

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The forum for Maltese Unions (For.U.M.) condemned a proposal brought forward by the Malta Employers’ Association for a decrease in the salary of public sector employees who are idle due to the current pandemic.

For.U.M. said that whoever is combating the coronavirus pandemic deserves recognition. It said that it agrees with MEA’s proposal on an increase in healthcare workers’ salary, however, it accused MEA members of not being able to handle the responsibility brought about by the circumstances of the pandemic. It insisted on the employers carrying the burden.

In a press release issued today, For.U.M. said that when things were going better, MEA members were the ones benefitting the most. The forum also said that the MEA lost its credibility when employers put their employees on unpaid leave and laid off workers.

Yesterday the MEA issued a press release to clarify what it had said in the past days about additional measures being implemented. It clarified that it believes that idle public sector workers should have their salaries decreased, and not all public sector workers.

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