Food prices sky high on Air Malta flights

As of this week, Air Malta will no longer pass out the free bread roll and small bottle of water to passengers. Instead, one can purchase the food through the in-flight menu, Sky Bar.

Sources close to Air Malta confirmed with that the change will be in effect as of Thursday. An Air Malta official confirmed that the meeting for journalists, to explain the change, will happen tomorrow. obtained a copy of Sky Bar which will be distributed to the passengers on all flights.

A quick look at this magazine shows how the prices for in-flight food and drink will increase. The greatest increase in price has been registered in alcoholic drinks such as wine, whiskey, vodka and liquors, that from €4 per bottle, have become €5.50.

Furthermore, the type of orange juice served during flights has been changed, with a higher price of €2.50 instead of €2. Coffee, which before was sold at a €2.50 price point, will now cost €3. The chocolate bars Snickers and KitKat are also more expensive.