Follow in Jesus’ footsteps; support those around you in trying times – Bishop Grech

Betty Bugeja

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The Apostolic Administrator of Gozo Bishop Mario Grech encouraged the faithful to follow in Jesus’ footsteps during this time of great uncertainty caused by the outbreak of coronavirus. He reminded that even Jesus felt that he was alone when he was nailed to the cross. He encouraged the faithful to support those around them in such trying times. He likened the situation to when Jesus comforted the ‘good’ thief when they were in their final hours.

Bishop Grech delivered a homily during the Church Service on Friday which took place at the Cathedral of the Assumption, Gozo.

He explained that today the faithful should reflect on the Crucifixion of Christ. Christ seems to have been abandoned by everyone, He seems to have been even abandoned by God, he seems alone, Bishop Grech reflected as he recalled the Crucifixion.

Bishop Grech said that many people are “crucified” either because they have been forgotten or they were put aside: those who have mental health problems, those who are dependent on drugs, those who had been convicted and have spent time in prison or those who were chained to prostitution. He also referred to the elderly who feel that they have been abandoned at their age, those who are ill with chronic illnesses and those who rarely receive any visits.

Bishop Grech prayed for those who had contracted the coronavirus and have been isolated from their family and the priests who could deliver the last rites. “We’ve heard that many just like Christ have died alone,” Bishop Grech reflected.

The Apostolic Administrator explained that the Cross symbolized the greatest love when one gives one life to another. He appealed to those drawn to the Cross not to resist such a call. He addressed those feeling lonely and abandoned that even Jesus passed through such moments however, Jesus had transformed this suffering, he explained.

“Let’s support those around us,” Bishop Grech said.