FoE calls for the support of small farmers and good food

Environmental activists are set to encourage people to support farmers and ensure a healthy link to the food chain. Friends of the Earth Malta (FoE) said that it was using the month of October to raise awareness to push for policies which support farmers, the environment and climate-friendly agriculture. Farmers, said FoE, work hard daily, come rain or shine, to produce wonderful food and this is an activity which needs to be saved.

FoE is planning a picnic at the Farmer’s Market this weekend to pump up the discussion on this subject, particularly in favour of the small operators. FoE said it was scandalous that in the midst of an economic and environmental crisis, the lion’s share of EU funds goes to the big industrial concerns and to the extensive food corporations. FoE said that together with organisations around Europe it was calling on the ministers of the EU to build a better food and farming system in solidarity with the people.