Focus on accident hotspots to bring road deaths down, MP suggests


Opposition MP Beppe Fenech Adami called on the authorities to carry out an exercise to identify the accident hotspots responsible for many of Malta’s traffic fatalities, insisting that the present average of a death on Maltese roads every three weeks needed to be brought down.

The Nationalist Party’s spokesperson on home affairs was speaking during debate on a bill which would allow people who have been handed fines to view and access the details on the offence through electronic means. As the bill itself is short and uncontroversial in nature, MPs took the opportunity to speak on various issues related to home affairs instead.

Fenech Adami argued that the number of deaths on the road was a cause for concern, with 165 deaths recorded since 2010 – roughly one every three weeks.

But he pointed out that it was clear that many fatalities happened in the same few spots before calling for an exercise to identify them.

“If this exercise takes place – and it is quite a simple exercise – you realise that there aren’t more than 10 hotspots in the country,” Fenech Adami said. He specifically mentioned the Coast Road, known to host illegal street races, as an example.

The MP proposed that Malta should emulate Sweden’s Vision Zero policy, which was introduced in 1997 with the aim of reducing traffic fatalities and serious injuries to zero by 2020. While this aim has not been achieved – the new target date for zero traffic deaths is now 2050 – the country did see a significant drop in the number of deaths on the road.