Floriana PN Councillors call out proposed fire station

PA website

Floriana PN Councillors are calling for a meeting to be held as soon as possible with all those concerned in development (PA 08267/19), which refers to a proposed fire station in front of the ruins of the Notre Dome Gate and a few steps away from the ramparts of the same locality.

In a statement, the PN Council members insisted that a consultation and holding meeting regarding this development on the hill of Sa Maison was never held. In view of this, during the last Council meeting held on 8th July, 2020, the PN members reiterated their disappointment at this development, and called for an immediate meeting with all concerned.

The Councillors added that, as already stressed in the past, the development is still violating a number of policies:

  • The zone is an ‘Area of open space – To retain Open Space Character’ (Policy GF13)
  • Floriana is a UCA (Urban Conservation Area), so the design must complement this. The height of the building must also be studied.
  • Opposite the project are the historic remains of the Notre Dame Gate, the Floriana ramparts and a little above the Garden of the Lord, together with structures/buildings that are of historical importance. The position of this project does not complement the surrounding historical environment.

The PN Councillors believe that Malta and the locality should uphold its principles, and that together we can reach the middle ground, but this must be done in a dignified consultation, and not by entities rolling over us.

According to the PA website, the development’s applicant, and architect at the Civil Protection Department, is Graham Attard. The case is labelled as being ‘Within Development Zone’, with a target date of August 5th.