Five things to watch out for during Black Friday

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Black Friday is all about saving money. Or is it? Sometimes, we think we are getting a bargain when, in reality, it is not exactly the case.

Here are some tips to come out a winner during this year’s deal-hunting.

  1. Don’t shop too early: some stores and online shops have already come out with ‘special offers’ way ahead of the actual day (the 29th November). Although the deals or discounts may look good to you, it may be wise to wait until the actual day as the prices may be slashed even further. Of course, this advice does not count if you are worried the item might sell out by then.
  2. Check all emails and texts closely: not all of them may not be legitimate. Identity theft is a real and present danger. These emails will contain a link which will lead you to a page asking you for your password or personal data that they then steal. Or else, the link itself can secretly infect your device with malware. Only open emails/links that you are 100 percent sure of.
  3. Beware of fake offers: make sure you check out the deals you click on, even when you’re on an online shopping site you trust. Fake offers and adverts, such as ads and banners from third parties, may be found even on websites you trust.
  4. Don’t be deceived by unusually high discounts: some sellers will increase their prices leading up to Black Friday so that their discounts seem amazing by comparison. 
  5. Be cautious about freebies: almost nothing in this life is free; there’s is almost always a catch when you get something without having to pay for it so, be aware!