Five arrests in three anti-drug squad operations


Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The Police anti-drug squad carried three operations related to drug tafficking, which led to the arrest of five persons. 

A 43 year old man was arrested in Tarxien after he was kept under observation while trafficking suspicious packets. A search on the vehice of the man led to to discovery of a number of packets, which contained substances which probably where heroin and cocaine. 

The man was arrained in court and was given an 18 month sentence after admitting to the accusation of trafficking. 

In a seperate investigation, in Cospicua, the police followed the information of a suspicious presence of a car, which had two people on board and which potentially was being used for trafficking. The police carried a search on the car and arrested two men, one 23 year old and 33 year old, after being found in possession of what is suspected to be cannabis and cocaine. 

Following further investigations, the police followed another vehicle and after stopping the car in Kalkara, two more men, a 30 year old and 37 year old, were arrested after being found in possession of what is thought to be cannabis and cocaine too. 

The investigations in these cases are ongoing.