Fishermen protest proposed Manoel Island development

The Għaqda Sajjieda Dilettanti Gżira is protesting MIDI’s latest proposed development of Manoel Island due to the loss of a 70-year-old slipway and over 100 moorings. While applauding plans to preserve historical sites, the Association pointed out MIDI’s lack of concern towards hobbyist fishermen and boat owners.

In a statement, it was said that “If land reclamation goes ahead and the slipway and facilities are removed as is envisaged in MIDI’s plans boat owners will be at a loss as to where they can launch and moor their vessels.” It was also pointed out that the plans include a larger, higher bridge than the existing one, as well as water being reserved for the yacht yard customers, and a Lido along the shoreline.

The Association said that these plans will lead to the loss of a slipway which has been used for over 70 years, and further limitations to already limited space. This apart from the port losing over 100 mooring points, which will vanish the fishing boats which have no become one of the traditional scenes along the shoreline both for tourists and locals.

“Għaqda Sajjieda Dilettanti Gżira represents common people who do not deserve to be treated with such disrespect by the wealthy and powerful,” they said, “This is not the kind of treatment that is to be expected in a civilised democratic nation like ours.”