First socially-distanced outdoor gig held in Newcastle

Photo credit: @goldenraindrops-Instagram

The first socially-distanced gig, by English singer and Brit award-winner Sam Fenton, saw the Virgin Money Unity Arena at Gosforth Park in Newcastle, UK host 2,500 attendees in 500 individual platforms of elevated seats spaced six feet (1.8 metres) apart.

The tickets were sold out in minutes.

Audience members did not need to wear their masks while in their ‘enclosure’; however, they had to put them on if they went to buy food and drinks or to the toilet. Food and drink could be pre-ordered to avoid queuing.

The area for the audience consisted of 45,000 sq metres, which means that normally, around 45,000 people would fit in the space, but a spokesperson said that any future gigs will cater for up to 2,500 people only.

The APS Summer Festival organised by the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra and Valletta Cruise Port at Valletta Waterfront used a similar set-up (albeit on a much smaller scale).

Malta Philharmonic Orchestra / Facebook

The festival comes to an end tomorrow evening.

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