First record label deal for Juno Valdez and Stevy Vee

Juno Valdez photo by Jean Claude Vancell

Maltese singer/songwriter Juno Valdez and producer Stevy Vee have secured their first record label deal together for 2021 with UK house label, Kooke Records.

The label have signed Juno Valdez track ‘This is Your Life’ (Stevy Vee Remix), which also features the track’s highlight guitars by David Cassar Torreggiani.

When Stevy Vee did the house remix to the original track by Toby, Juno and David CT last August, he unknowingly set in motion an A-list number, which went on to win rave reviews by acclaimed UK house DJ Dirty Secretz, airplay on both Italian and UK radios, feature as ‘Tune of the Week’ on UK’s HOT Radio and locally climb to number one on the Malta PRS airplay charts.

Talking label deals two questions come to mind: How did it happen? And what does it mean? got together with Juno Valdez to find out.

The day they sent us the contract I was ‘disconnecting’ in Gozo without access to a printer!

“Producers/DJs share their music on various sites, and the track was scouted on one of them. There was a lot of suspense between it having been scouted and us actually receiving the contract for signing. We wanted to get excited, but didn’t allow ourselves to, in case it didn’t come through. When it finally did some weeks later, it was excitement overload. I spend nine hours a day in an office and, of all ironies, the day they sent us the contract I was ‘disconnecting’ in Gozo without access to a printer!” she smiled.

In terms of what this means, it means an affinity for the artist with a ‘club’ that has identified with your music and made you ‘one of them’, Valdez explained. “It also means having the backing of this ‘club’ who has now learnt your name, and likes you enough to be actively trying to sell as many copies of your track as possible,” she added.

Kooke Records are managing the branding and promotion of the track which is scheduled for release under the ‘Kooke’ brand in February 2021. The Malta-born track will also be for sale on giant digital music platforms Beatport and Traxsource, among others.

Valdez has made good on her promise of ‘bigger, better, faster, stronger’ which she has used as her mantra on social media during the last months.

Looking forward to sharing more of her music in the coming weeks, Juno also confirmed that she and Stevy Vee are indeed collaborating again this year and continuing their efforts to make their mark on the digital stage for vocal house music.

Juno Valdez photo by Jean Claude Vancell

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