First national hackathon for school children in Malta

Data Science Malta will be running a national conference and the first national hackathon
for school children in Malta.

This online conference will be happening on the 6th November 2020. The scope of this event is to increase digital attractiveness amongst girls and bring forward various opportunities in ICT and Data Science to the students.

Students will get to learn all about Blockchain, artificial intelligence and robotics.

The conference will include a number of different sections, split up between education,
inspiration, via a number of talks with influential academics and entrepreneurs in the field
and last but certainly not least, the first student online hackathon in Malta.

As we progress towards faster and technically superior times it is only right that we inspire and engage more and more young girls and women to take up STEM studies as a career opportunity, raising awareness for a better tomorrow.

And no time is better than the present. We want to actively move the needle and
encourage our our employees, their families and friends to take a step back and think
about our ecosystem. How we can collectively join forces to inspire young girls to take up
STEM based education early in life and consider ICT as a future career option. We are
proud to participate in Girls in ICT Day, raising awareness, improving gender balance, and reducing inequality.

Having many more young girls/ women join ICT as a career is important not only because diverse and inclusive teams lead to better working environment but also because it has a huge impact on our productivity. However, currently, there are simply not enough young women willing to take up STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) studies as a choice for higher education or career option. This is a major cause for worry because the number of female science and technology students is disproportionately low.

Important FAQS

Can both girls and boys attend? Certainly.

What is the age group that can attend? Anyone between year 6 and year 11.

Do we need to attend the full day? No, you may choose to attend part of the conference, this can be indicated in the application form.

How can students attend their first hackathon? Students will attend the hackathon online after school hours. Please share this link if you are going to attend.

More information may be found here. The application form for schools is found here.
Applications have been extended to close on the 28th of October, end of business.

Should you in the mean time have any questions, you may get in touch via email or tel. no: 79401028, during office hours.

his event is being sponsored and supported by eSkills Malta Foundation.

This content was supplied by Data Science Malta