First group of migrants leaves Malta for France

The first group of migrants who arrived in Malta aboard the Aquarius are on their way to France.

This was announced this morning in a tweet by Joseph Muscat. He claimed that this step portrays the progress of the European alliance.

In a statement sent by the Government, the Deputy Head of Mission of the French Embassy in Malta, Vanessa Salas Pouget said that this step for the relocation of the immigrants will serve as an example of European solidarity. She remarked that these immigrants will lead a secure life in France.

Aquarius arrived in Malta on the 15th of August with 141 people on board, 97 men and 44 women. 38 of them were children under 15 years old, some without parents.

France, Spain, Germany, Portugal and Luxembourg agreed to take some of the people who were on board after entering Malta. In a later statement, the Prime Minister’s Office announced that Italy would also be taking immigrants.

The immigrants are from Bangladesh, Cameroon, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Senegal, Togo, Egypt, Eritrea, Morocco and Somalia.