First COVID-19 vaccines might not work for everyone – UK Vaccine Taskforce

The first COVID-19 vaccines are likely to be imperfect and might not work for everyone, said the chairperson of the UK Vaccine Taskforce, Kate Bingham. The taskforce was created by Sir Patrick Vallance who is the UK government’s chief scientific advisor.

Writing in The Lancet, Bingham said no vaccine in the history of medicine “has been as eagerly anticipated” as the one against coronavirus.

She also said that vaccination is regarded as the only exit strategy from the pandemic. She also said that we need to be cautious against over-optimism as vaccine might not work for everyone, or for very long.

“We do not know that we will ever have a vaccine at all,” said Kate Bingham.

She further explained that the first generation of vaccines is likely to be imperfect, and we should be prepared that they might not prevent infection but rather reduce symptoms, and, even then, might not work for everyone or for long.