Watch: Fire breaks out at Marsa Open Centre; 20 arrested

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Twenty immigrants were arrested after a fire broke out in the Marsa Open Centre. Deputy PM Chris Fearne said that there are no known casualties.

A police spokesperson told that the fire was reported at around 1.10pm. A number of police officers and firefighters are on the scene.

In a statement the police said that one of the dormitories was allegedly set on fire. The fire then spread to the gym. According to the police, a number of immigrants started breaking a part of the main dormitory which was then engulfed in flames.

The police said 11 workers and 3 immigrants were given medical assistance on the scene.

On Twitter, Deputy PM Chris Fearne said that he is monitoring the situation in Marsa. He added that there were no known casualties until the time of his Tweet.

Videos: Miguela Xuereb, Beppe Galea