Fine and suspended sentence for undeclared and fake currency

Money that the German customs agency Zoll seized during an anti-money laundering operation is displayed before the agency's annual statistics news conference at the finance ministry in Berlin March 16, 2012. REUTERS/Thomas Peter (GERMANY - Tags: BUSINESS)

A 26-year old Chinese national found with the undeclared amount of €30,000 upon arrival in Malta via catamaran was fined and awarded a suspended sentence on Saturday.

The young man who is holding residence in Catania, Sicily told customs upon arrival at Malta that he had nothing to declare. Searching his luggage the customs officers found €20,000 hidden in his bags and €10,000 on his person.

He pleaded guilty of being in possession of fake currency and of not declaring €10,000 in front of the Court.

The Court found the Chinese national guilty and fined him €7,557. He was also given a sentence of 13 months suspended over two years for the false currency he was carrying. The sum of €20,230 was confiscated by the Court.