Find a weevil in your pasta? Get your money back

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Pasta is an important food in the Maltese diet but sometimes you might find that you’re sharing your Penne or Spaghetti with someone else.

If that situation should happen and you find worms or small insects in your pasta, take it back to the shop and get your money back.

That’s what the Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority told when asked what rights a consumer has in this situation.

The MCCAA spokesperson explained that the consumer has the right to return the pasta and get a refund or exchange.

‘The consumer may request another package, or if this is not possible remedy, can claim the money back,” said the spokeswoman. To get his money back must have a receipt showing where and when the product was purchased. If a shop refuses to provide a remedy, the consumer may bring a complaint with the Office of Consumer Affairs.’

The spokeswoman added that it was important that the consumer report the case to the Directorate of Environmental Health, ‘so they can do their investigations and take necessary steps if the product needs to be removed from the market.’

One of those unwelcome dinner guests is the Weevil, or as it is otherwise known, the ‘English Weevil’. The weevil is a kind of beetle that can easily find itself inside grains like pasta. Often they can last up to 35 days to develop from egg until adulthood. This depends on many factors including temperature however.