Final push to finish gruelling 190km run for charity

Over the next 24 hours two athletes will be banking some extra sleep as they prepare their bodies for a pummelling — a 190-kilometre trail run in 35 hours, in temperatures that feel like 36 degrees Celsius — to raise money to fund migrants’ access to education.

The public’s overwhelming response to help this cause will be foremost on the minds of hospitality consultant Claudio Camilleri and CEO Patrick Tabone tomorrow 25th July, and it will be what keeps them going when the heat and exhaustion start playing tricks with their resolve.

The end goal of this challenge, 1Run 1Race, is to raise at least €15,000 through for JRS and Kopin to equip young migrants with the skills, education and training to be employable.

JRS and Kopin run a specifically designed Education Support Programme (ESP) offering a number of packages to enable young migrants to access or continue pursuing their education, and the money raised will go towards tuition, tablets, laptops, books, and examination fees, among others.

Camilleri, 43, said: “The response from people and companies supporting and donating has been overwhelming and we’re really happy to see so many react positively towards such a sensitive issue. Let’s hope that together we can surpass our financial goals.”

This is the first known attempt to run around the islands’ coastlines and was born from COVID-19 pandemic’s ability to disrupt the world’s plans, including those made by Camilleri and Tabone to attempt the Ultra Eiger Trail Alps in Switzerland.

Tabone said: “It’ll be hard, but if we can avoid injury and overheating we’ll make it to the end.”

Camilleri added: “We hope to overcome the obstacles in our path one kilometre at a time.”

After months of training, the two feel they are ready as they can ever be for the challenge ahead, which starts at 3.45 am on the 25th July from Sliema’s Independence Gardens and hopefully ends at the same place 35 hours later.

The athletes are encouraging fellow runners and families to join them along the way and help boost their morale.

Those wishing to support this cause and run the last five kilometres with Camilleri and Tabone can do so by following their exact location on the website, and then meeting them at the end of Ta’ Xbiex gardens at this location.

Meanwhile, families and their children who would like to highlight the importance of access to education for all by running the last kilometre can join them from near Sliema pitch by following their progress on the website and using this location.

“An extreme run like this only makes sense if we manage to raise lots of money and positively impact people’s lives, so please, if you haven’t done so already, make a donation,” Tabone said.

Donations may be made by visiting the website. All the money collected will be going directly to JRS and Kopin.