TV films shot in Malta to be shown on Canale 5

Andrea Osvart / photo credit: Mediaset

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Three TV films shot in Malta in 2011, Presagi (Visions of Murder), Sotto Protezjone (The Bodyguard) and Vite in Ostaggio (Kammerspiel), part of Mediaset/Sony series Sei Passi in Giallo (Six Steps into a Thriller) are to be shown on Italian television station Canale 5.

The films, which were broadcast in early 2012, were directed by Lamberto Bava (of Fantaghiro fame). The crew was made up of both Italian and Maltese professionals.

Presagi stars Hungarian actress Andrea Osvart and American actor Craig Berko, as well as Alessandro Riceci, Eliana Miglio, Marc Cabourdin, Edward Degaetano, Edward Mercieca, Sarah Naudi and Coryse Borg, among others. The TV film sees medium Annalisa Dossi dreaming of a little girl being chased and killed by a man dressed in black. The woman decides to go to the police, but the only person who believes her is former FBI agent Harry Chase. It is being shown on Canale 5 on Tuesday 2nd June at 1.05 am CET.

Craig Berko / photo credit: Mediaset

Sotto Protezzione stars Italian actor Adriano Giannini and American actor Katrina Law, as well as Joe Azzopardi, Marc Cabourdin, Manuel Cauchi and Paul Portelli. A 17-year-old girl is killed and her cousin is arrested. A year later, an ambitious journalist tries to shed light on the event, but is attacked in her home. It is being shown on Canale 5 on Wednesday 3rd June at 2.45 am CET.

Vite in Ostaggio stars Hercules actor Kevin Sorbo and British-Italian actress, model and television presenter Jane Alexander, as well as Andrea Miglio Risi, Candace Marie Celmer, Christoph Hulsen, Antonio Cupo, Edward Degaetano, Paul Portelli, Henry Zammit Cordina and 103 Malta’s Heart presenter Colin Fitz among others. The plot deals with a robbery of a nightclub, which goes wrong when three thieves kill the son of the owner. Now hunted by the police, they break into a house and take the family hostage. It will be shown on Canale 5 some time next week.