Watch: Balzan trees uprooted

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

This morning works part of Balzan Valley Road continued as part of the Central Link Project. Among the work, the workers uprooted two trees.

This follows the symbolic vigil attended by a number of residents from Balzan and others who cherish the environment near the two trees that were still there until yesterday.

According to residents who spoke with, both the local council and Transport Malta did not meet with them despite the latter made several attempts to discuss  this issue with the authorities.

The Local Council invited them to a meeting held last Monday at 8.30am, a time and date where many were working. The Council then gave them an appointment on the 10th July.

President’s Hub urges authorities to adopt creative solutions before uprooting trees

The National Hub for Ethnobotanical Research is urging the Authorities to carry out meaningful consultations with the affected communities before removing, savagely pruning or relocating trees in their locality.

The hub, made up of a group of experts within the President’s Foundation for the Wellbeing of Society, is very concerned by the disregard to trees in the quest for rapid urbanisation.

The Hub said in a statement that “While replanting is a viable option, a number of trees die in the process. Consequently, the infrastructural changes that follow this rapid urbanisation are making many people feel disillusioned and helpless”.