Pope Francis urges families to say ‘Please, Thank You and Sorry’

REUTERS/Gonzalo Fuentes

The Pope said that couples may fight as much as they like, but in the evening, they should make peace. He said this during his visit to the Pro-Cathedral in Dublin, where he met more than 370 couples. The Pope started his visit with a silent prayer for victims of clergy abuse.

During this meeting, three couples asked the Pope questions about marriage and families. An engaged couple asked the Pope how it can help other people see marriage not just as an institution, but also as a vocation. The Pope said that “When a Christian man and woman enter into the bond of marriage, the Lord’s grace enables them freely to promise one another an exclusive and enduring love”.

Another Irish couple asked the Pope how parents can pass on faith to their children. Pope Francis said that children learn about the meaning of fidelity, integrity and sacrifice in the domestic church.