‘Fictitious’, ‘Misleading’, ‘Not ours’ – Corinthia group responds

The actual proposed development for the Corinthia hotel. Credit: Corinthia Group

Responding to questions about visuals purporting a 12 building luxury development in St George’s Bay by the Corinthia Group, Newsbook.com.mt was told that these were false. These were, ‘not ours. They are fictitious and misleading.’, the company explains.

In the past few days, images have been circulating across Maltese media outlets and newspapers, which showed a prospective new development taking place around the location of the Corinthia Hotel. The visuals present a concept of a dozen tower blocks of between 8 and 22 storeys surrounding the existing hotel.

Following the media’s publication of these images, the company explains that they ‘initially felt there was no need to issue a right of reply as we were convinced the public at large will appreciate that these images are not real, and certainly do not reflect what Corinthia will want to achieve in our luxury development in St George’s Bay.’

‘They certainly do not represent our plans, or our track record in developing landmark, balanced projects in Malta and overseas.’, they added.

Reinstating contractual ownership, no architectural plans, nothing more

In addition to clarifying the position on the visuals, the company also hoped to explain that their draft agreement with the government, ‘covers solely contractual terms for the restatement of our existing ownership rights to the land in St George’s Bay, nothing more.’

They explain that at this current time, their draft only allows them to develop space up to 100,000m squared for commercial and residential use. They stress that this has to be, ‘read in relation to the approximately 250,000m2 of floor areas we are currently allowed to develop under current planning rules.’

Their contract, they state, ‘is about terms and conditions and not about architecture plans’ and the draft layout masterplan will involve the majority of land being ,‘open and landscaped’ while ‘indeed circa 75% of the land will remain unbuilt’

Should the project get the go-ahead, the complex would include only two luxury residential blocks. (As the images above show.)

‘Our aim here, in this first phase, is to entirely redevelop the luxury Corinthia Hotel into Malta’s foremost luxury property together with extensive landscaped gardens and amenities. Besides, we are aiming to develop two luxury serviced residential blocks, the highest proposed to be 15 floors, on land located between the current Corinthia and the Radisson Hotel.’