FIAU chairman never appeared before the Public Appointments committee – Aquilina

National MP Karol Aquilina said that the government  blatantly breached the law which it had the duty to ensure everyone observed, when he appointed the FIAU chairman without the approval of the Public Appointments committee.

Aquilina explained that heads of regulatory bodies will first have to be scrutinised by the consultative parliamentary committee.

Aquilina said that the members of the board are appointed by the Finance from three panels nominated by the MFSA, MGA, Police Commissioner and the commissioner of Tax. However, the Chairman of the FIAU is appointed by the Prime Minister.

He said that the FIAU chairman was announced through a notice in the Government Gazette on April 3rd 2020 to serve for a period of three years until March 2023. However, the nominated chairman never appeared before the committee.