Fewer than 5 breathalyser tests a week carried out


A total of 350 breathalyser tests were carried out on motorists in Malta between January 2019 and June 2020, figures tabled in Parliament show.

The figures, provided by Home Affairs Minister Byron Camilleri in response to a parliamentary question by opposition MP Ivan Bartolo show that the number of breathalyser tests averages just under 4.5 a week, or around 19.4 tests every month.

During the same period, Camilleri explained, 57 people refused to submit themselves to the test. But this refusal is itself a criminal offence, leading to the motorists’ arraignment.

In reply to a related parliamentary question asked earlier this year, Camilleri revealed that 57 breathalyser tests had been carried out in Gozo between 2017 and the end of April 2020. This translates to a breathalyser test being carried out approximately once every three weeks.

As things stand, breathalyser tests are only administered when the police have a reasonable suspicion that motorists are over the legal alcohol limit. Malta and Germany are the only EU member states in which random tests are not carried out.