Ferry service suspension: UĦM and Gozo Channel clarify the situation

The Gozo Channel service will not be suspended due to the industrial actions ordered by the UĦM- Voice of the Workers on Sunday. This was confirmed by a Gozo Channel spokesperson and the UĦM on Monday.

Newsbook.com.mt tried to contact Joe Cordina the Gozo Channel Chief Executive on the matter without any success. However, a spokeperson from the company stated that the administration is currently in a meeting. It had not been confirmed whether this meeting is related to the industrial action or not.

A spokesperson from UĦM –Voice of the Workers said that Gozo Channel operations will not be held back as the industrial action is only applicable to sailors that work with the contractor and not those reporting directly to Gozo Channel. In a press release the union also communicated that these sailors were not being treated like the sailors contracted directly by Gozo Channel and the discrepancies between salaries and work conditions were significant.

Notwithstanding, the channel service might suffer some sort of negative impact as a ramification of the industrial actions.