Ferry crossings slashed as Malta-Gozo traffic drops sharply


Ferry crossings between Malta and Gozo are down 40% as of today as Gozo Channel has launched a new schedule reflecting the fall in traffic caused by the coronavirus outbreak.

Gozo Minister Clint Camilleri confirmed the figure in reply to a parliamentary question by Gozitan MP Kevin Cutajar.

Cutajar had asked whether there were any plans to instruct motorists using the ferry to remain in their vehicles during the trip, to minimise the risk of the virus spreading. Camilleri argued that this was not necessary, as the drop in the number of passengers has helped ensure that those on board can keep a safe distance from each other.

All doors are being kept open at all times to minimise contact with the handrails, while air conditioners are being switched off in favour of natural ventilation. The ferries are also being fumigated each night.

The minister said that so far, the precautions appeared to have achieved the desired results, before confirming that Gozo Channel has changed its schedule.

Earlier this month, Camilleri had advised against non-essential travel between the two islands.

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