Ferris promises retribution

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Former police inspector and anti-money laundering expert Jonathan Ferris has promised retribution to all those who did him wrong.

The erstwhile police inspector specialising in economic crime had transferred into the FIAU as an anti-money laudering expert. While at FIAU, he had been stopped before his term of probation was up.When he asked to be re-instated in the police force, the request had been turned down. In court, claiming discrimination, Ferris said that the Home Affairs Ministry had requested “sensitive details” about a case he had been investigating. Ferris had said that the request was something which he could never do.

In his post, Ferris said that he would be opening broadside fire against all those who had ‘betrayed me and done me all imaginable harm’, promising these occult forces that ‘you will sink like sh*t!!! Wait for it…It’s coming!!!”. Ferris concluded that he always kept his word.