“Ferris will not comment before full Egrant report is made public”

Former Police Inspector and Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit (FIAU) Officer, Jonathan Ferris has denied reports being published by the newspaper Malta Today on the Egrant inquest. It appears that the newspaper is publishing details that allegedly are not part of the 3% of Magistrate Aaron Bugeja’s report that has been made public.

The investigation had found no evidence that Egrant belongs to the Prime Minister’s wife Mrs Michelle Muscat.

Ferris will currently not comment on what John Dalli has said on Egrant

Jonathan Ferris is currently holding back from commenting over the Malta Today report,  stating that he had told the magistrate that when the former European Commissioner John Dalli was interrogated by the Police on another case, he had told him that Egrant belongs to the Labour Party. The newspaper also reported that allegedly,  Dalli also told him that Egrant was being used by the party to finance the electoral campaign.

One of Ferris’ lawyers told newsbook.com.mt  that, “Jonathan Ferris will not comment before the full inquest report is made public”.

Malta Today further said that according to two different sources close to the investigation,  this was denied by Dalli when he was giving his witness statement to Magistrate Bugeja.

On the 29th of July, Malta Today contacted both Dalli and Ferris.

Dalli refused to comment on the Magisterial inquest. However, he also denied any knowledge of, or involvement with, Egrant.

Ferris stated that since some time has passed, he cannot remember what he told the Magistrate.

Ferris denies seeing a $1 million transaction

Even though Ferris did not deny what has been allegedly said by Dalli, Ferris’ lawyers, Dr Jason Azzopardi and Dr Andrew Borg Cardona, categorically denied another story published by Malta Today.

They told newsbook.com.mt what they told Malta Today on the 1st of August. Ferris categorically denies that he mentioned seeing a $1 million transaction between Egrant and an Azerbaijani company with Magistrate Bugeja, referring to it as a lie.

Ferris fired from FIAU

Jonathan Ferris had been sacked from FIAU in June 2017 when he was still on probation.

He alleged that he had been discharged in an illegal and abusive manner because he wanted to investigate corruption cases.

FIAU stated that Ferris had been fired because he did not meet the agency’s standards.

Ferris sued in this regard.

Ferris also said that he was not allowed to investigate issues in relation to the Government when the Egrant allegations broke out .

He stated that he was told that he could not investigate, given his conflict of interest,  as he was the one that arrested Maria Efimova,  the Russian whistle blower and former Pilatus Bank employee.

Ferris has previously said that he has information related to corruption, abuse of power, and money laundering that has occurred in the past years involving high government officials.

In November 2017, he asked for whistle blower protection, however the Government stated that it wanted to see his information before any action.