Fenech’s lawyers seek court protection after prison director disrupts meeting

Charles Mercieca Alex Dalli
Ritratt fl-isfond: Miguela Xuereb

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Yorgen Fenech’s lawyers are seeking the Court’s protection over an incident which took place at the Corradino Correctional Facility last Monday, in which director of prisons Alex Dalli disrupted a meeting one of them held with their client.

Lawyer Charles Mercieca had met Fenech, the Tumas Group scion accused of complicity in the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia, to discuss the case on the eve of the continuation of the compilation of evidence.

But Mercieca said that after a few minutes, the meeting was loudly disrputed by Dalli, telling Newsbook.com.mt that the prison director started shouting and banging on the table. Dalli insisted that the lawyer could not bring in any documents.

Mercieca insisted to proceed with the meeting, arguing that it was normal procedure to bring documents related to a case when it is discussed with a client. But shortly afterward, four members of the Special Response Team, armed with firearms, were instructed to see to it that the papers were removed from the meeting room.

The prison authorities suggested that the documents should be documented and scanned, but Mercieca refused, citing the confidential information within.

He maintained that he finally decided to cut the meeting short after seeing that his client was being emotionally affected by the commotion.

As he exited the room, Dalli insisted that the prison was his domain and that everyone must observe his rules.

In their application, Fenech’s lawyers – Mercieca, Marion Camilleri and Gianluca Caruana Curran – asked for the Court’s protection as they exercised their duties, stating that it was impossible for them to defend their client in the face of such an attitude from Dalli.

They have also filed a complaint with the Chamber of Advocates.

The incident had also been mentioned in Tuesday’s sitting.