Fenech used dark web to search for cyanide; Theuma believed to be targeted – reports

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Murder suspect Yorgen Fenech who is charged with being an accomplice in the murder of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia has used the dark web to search for cyanide.

The Times of Malta has revealed that the US Federal Bureau of Investigation had flagged online searches for a potassium cyanide, a poison, to a device owned by Fenech some months before he was arrested over the murder.

The dark web, is a part of the internet which is not indexed by search engines.

According to the Times of Malta, the user who made use of a device owned by Fenech used a user name and password and searched for the poison which would kill an adult male weighing 80kg.

Sources speaking to the daily newspaper said that the investigators have not excluded it was intended for Melvin Theuma.

In a separate article, Lovin Malta revealed that it is believed that the main target was state witness Melvin Theuma who acted as go between the businessmen and three suspected hitmen.

Sources speaking to this newsroom said that Fenech using a false username tried buying potassium cyanide at the beginning of April 2019. The same sources explained that according to medical experts the dose sought would kill a person.

Potassium cyanide is a lethal poison which can kill a person in a matter of minutes. It is difficult to detect. It is not a rare occurrence that victims who were poisoned by potassium cyanide, were thought to have died due to natural causes in the United States.

On Monday, Police Inspector Kurt Zahra confirmed that Fenech tried to purchase cyanide some time after the assassination. The online news portal said that the attempted purchase happened sometime in 2019, believed to be around April.

The attempt to import the deadly poison is now subject of an investigation. Cyanide can cause fatal seizures or heart attacks.

Police Inspector confirms that Fenech is being investigated over a potential purchase of cyanide
Yorgen Fenech investigated on alleged cyanide importation

Theuma who was granted a presidential pardon on condition that he reveals all he knows about the murder, was hospitalized last month after he tried to commit suicide. While testifying in court, Theuma repeatedly said that he feared for his life.

After he was discharged, Theuma was once again hospitalized for a different matter.